The Cellar

Our wine cellar is a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts, boasting an exquisite collection that pays homage to the rich viticultural traditions of Argentina and Italy. Within its dimly lit confines, you’ll discover an array of exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroirs and winemaking expertise of these two renowned regions.

From the robust Malbecs of Mendoza, Argentina, with their bold and velvety flavors, to the elegant Blends and Champagne from the rolling vineyards of Italy, our cellar houses a diverse spectrum of varietals and vintages. Each bottle is a testament to the dedication of the winemakers and the essence of their respective lands, inviting you on a sensory journey through the essence of these two distinct wine worlds.

Whether you seek a hearty red to pair with a sumptuous steak or a crisp white to complement a seafood feast, our wine cellar is a treasure trove for discerning palates eager to savor the best of Argentina and Italy in every glass.