Welcome to the heart and soul of our small indoor market, where local talent and creativity shine! At 518 Market Place, we take immense pride in curating a diverse selection of products from our community’s most talented artisans, and we’re always on the lookout for new vendors to join our family.

Carrie Swett

Dirty Bird’s Swett Sauce
Carrie Swett offers Dirty Bird’s Swett Sauce, a delectable and unique sauce that adds a special touch to your favorite dishes.

Jean Tomasulo

Jean Tomasulo’s Crispymeows offers a delightful selection of art, beautifully showcased on social media and their website.

Julie Colombino

Deux Mains
Deux Mains, led by Julie Colombino, crafts exquisite accessories, and supports a sustainable, ethical approach to fashion.

Steven & Staci Flick

Bee Healthy Honeys
Steven and Staci Flick offer Bee Healthy Honeys, featuring a range of delightful and nutritious honey products.

Janice Heffernan

Janice Heffernan is your source for PartyLite, offering exceptional candles and home decor for all occasions.

Robert Vasvary

Tennessee Bob’s Hot Sauce Co.
Robert Vasvary brings you the fiery flavors of Tennessee Bob’s Hot Sauce Co. – a must-try for hot sauce enthusiasts.

Catherine Nolan

Coco Fine Foods
Catherine Nolan offers gourmet delights through Coco Fine Foods, providing a unique culinary experience.

Pat Morris

Jordan Essentials
Pat Morris represents Jordan Essentials, your destination for skincare and wellness products.

Rose Hall

Tessie’s Tea
Rose Hall offers a delightful array of teas and tea-related products through Tessie’s Tea.

Melissa Rosenthal

Out of My Mind Designs
Melissa Rosenthal’s Out of My Mind Designs features unique and creative designs for all to enjoy.

Natalia Soto

Amor Colombian Coffee
Natalia Soto brings the rich flavors of Colombian coffee to your cup through Amor Colombian Coffee.

John Holbrook

Pitbull BBQ Sauce John Holbrook invites you to explore the mouthwatering world of Pitbull BBQ Sauce, a flavor-packed adventure for grill masters and barbecue enthusiasts.